“People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did… but PEOPLE will never forget how you made them feel.”

– maya angelou


About Me… Andrejka

  • FAQ #1… how do you pronounce my name?…  Andrejka (aan-DRAY-ka), it’s Slovenian… I’m the daughter of two Slovenian immigrants: who I think have the most movie-worthy love story on the planet (might explain my obsession with love and weddings)
  • Problem Solving Queenand a lot of problems can arise during a photo shoot… for example I challenge you to show me a wedding dress bustle I can’t conquer or a toddler I can’t win over!! (note: in a former life I was the assistant to a Hollywood Director for almost 10 years…  problem solving was  my full time job)
  •  I act as goofy as the kids…  and love to get them involved. I get down to a child’s level, hand them my camera and see what they’ll do  ,.. don’t worry  I have insurance!
  • Traveling feeds my soul…  the joke is that no one ever knows where I am. When I’m not behind a camera, I’m most likely on a plane.   One thing I love about destination weddings (whether its my town or in the world) is making my couples feel like “home”  in a new location.  I’ve gathered  little travel tips and tricks to make your adventure go smoothly  and love to share them. Even if it’s not for your wedding but for your honeymoon or family vacations …  just ask (I’ve got a collection of google docs ready to go)!
  • Yoga is my secret weapon… before every shoot I do a few yoga positions, take some breaths, and get relaxed and ready…. if I’m not relaxed how can I expect you to be. This helps me take on the stress of any unexpected occurrences, so you don’t have to. .. Whether with your wedding day or family portrait day… I got you!
  • Ultimately, I love “FUN”!and making every situation positive.  My ultimate life mission is to make people feel good… whether it’s with a smile, a hug, a super cheesy joke or a really bad dance move! (another side note: I used to teach ballet, tap, and jazz… so watch out dance floor)


ASsociate Weddings

If you are having a smaller wedding on a peak date, afraid of a large wedding package or have champagne taste with a white wine budget…  please check out my Associate Weddings. They might be the perfect fit!


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