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What is an Associate Wedding?  You may have heard this term before.  It is what a higher-end wedding photographer does to help more couples with a variety of budgets. These weddings  are photographed by associates not directly by the main photographer. Many associate weddings are shot by  a less experienced photographer.  This allows the cost to be lower. My associate weddings are different.  All of my associate photographers are already professionals.  They use these  weddings to fill their calendars or travel to cool locations. I can tell you from experience … I’ve found that my associate packages are a win-win-win for everyone!

Who is it for?:  Couples who have…

  • Wedding dates where I am unavailable
  • Small intimate weddings planned on a peak days
  • Champagne taste on a white wine budget (I totally get it!!!)

How does it work? Its great…first off just because you book an associate wedding doesn’t mean you won’t have me as your photographer! If your budget doesn’t allow for my minimum and I am still available on your date … then you’ll get me!!

If you get one of my fantastic associates… I’ll still be there with you from beginning to end. You can’t get rid of me that easily…  I’ll still be doing everything below!

  •  Answer all your questions,
  • Work with you on your specific style
  • Create your day of schedule
  • Edit every image to make sure they match the style and look we discuss
  • Help with all the post-wedding fun stuff like albums and prints

Why?  There’s only one of me… but I want to be able to help more than one couple a day…  especially if they decide I’m the one for them!



Associate Weddings

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associate weddings


Northern Michigan I Gabriel Farms Petoskey I Shelby + Jesse

Mackinac Island Inn at Stonecliffe Johanna + Andrew

Mackinac Island Inn at Stonecliffe Niki + Fons

Mackinac Island   Mission Point Resort  I Vanessa + Jake

associate weddings

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