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Best Photo Booth for Your Wedding!!



Don’t let your wedding be like all the rest…  use the best photo booth around. GET GIF CRAZY…

Did you know that Andrejka Photography has a photo booth company called  SnapThis! Photo Booth. We’ve been around for over 5 years. We were a part of the action when the photo booth craze first hit the wedding scene and now we’ve taken it up a notch to stay ahead of the game yet again!  Check out the best photo booth around!!!

What is it?

Want to know why SnapThis! GIF Style is the best photo booth option around? It’s faster, easier, portable, and has many customizable “WOW” options that the old booths never had.  Instead of stepping into a huge booth that takes up too much space, spending too much time posing and re-posing,  then waiting again for your print (that you can’t share)… you walk in front of a cute ring light (super flattering) … push a button and within seconds you have your own GIF sent to your phone. The best part is that it is a fraction of the cost of the old tired booth and incredibly more efficient. With an old booth you will be lucky to get 20 prints an hour… with this new booth, you can get over 100 an hour!

CLICK HERE… To see it in action!!

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Is my wedding too small? too big?

With all the years in this industry, I’ve seen different booths come and go.  I must say … this new technology is AMAZING!  This is the best photo booth on the market.  It’s perfect for every wedding…  big or small.  I’ve done events with 25 people and with  250… and it was a hit at them all.  It’s not intimidating so it fits easily with small weddings plus, its portable if your wedding is tight on space it can be moved during the event and takes up a small footprint.

Are my guests too old? too young?

ABSOLUTELY NOT… I know what you are thinking… there is no way my mother and grandmother are going to understand or like it.  Wrong… I’ve had grandmas explaining how to do it to the flower girls.. and then photobombing!!


Am I going to miss having prints?

I’ve heard this a few times and its mostly because people have never experienced the new GIF Booth. Here are a few comparisons to think about. Traditional Booth causes lines, wastes time, and takes up a big footprint that cannot be changed. It also has a tendency to be buggy; run out of paper and ink, camera issues, printer issues, etc.  Now, with the GIF, its small portable, and not intimidating.  It takes 5 seconds to do, which means no lines, and many opportunities for multiple pics.  The best thing about it… even if the wifi bugs out, everything is saved. This means, no interruptions during your event!

Best Photo Booth GIF

Really the best way for me to explain the booth is straight from one of my brides who doubted it as well!!

Read  Jill’s experience:

               “The photo booth was a big decision for my wedding planning. And it wasn’t until the wedding night that we knew right away we had made the right decision with the GIF booth. Andrejka had told me how much fun the GIF booth was but I really didn’t know.  I always loved the classic photo booth for the printouts but we did not miss this at all!! Having the GIFs sent straight to your phone made it easier, more interactive for our guests, and instant gratification. Because the booth was so easy to move, we were able to have it at 3 different locations. Also, our guests could take as many pictures as possible because it was so fast. We had people (and surprisingly even my parents and grandparents friends)  coming up to us all night and even after the reception telling us how much fun the GIFS were!  The day after the wedding, my husband and I spent hours reliving the night and cracking up while looking through the photo gallery. We couldn’t believe how funny they were!  The GIF Booth really captured everyone’s happiness and how much fun we were all having far more than a photo could!”  
 -Jill + Tate July 1st, 2017


Best Photo Booth GIF Best Photo Booth GIF Best Photo Booth GIF Best Photo Booth GIF


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