Birdie & Matt Rock Bridal Guide Magazine!

I just came from Borders…  and bought this season’s edition of Bridal Guide.  I opened it up to see a 4 page spread of one of my all time favorite couples Birdie & Matt.  I was so stoked when the magazine contacted me a few months ago and asked if they could feature the wedding.

This couple is absolutely amazing…  they are the epitome of true friends… to each other, to their families, and to basically anyone who crosses their paths.  I was so excited that they were featured.. not to mention they are gorgeous and their wedding was AAAMAAZING!!

If you get a chance check it out on your new stands…  (here’s a weak pic taken with my phone) I was just so excited I didn’t want to wait for the official jpg from the magazine.


Also, on the front… keep an eye open for an upcoming Knot Michigan where another wedding (Jennifer & Toby) are going to be featured… man am i lucky to be photographing such cool people!

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