Bridal Guide … used a few of my Mackinac pics.

Hey everyone… here is article in this month’s Bridal Guide regarding destination weddings and honeymoon islands around the U.S…. and OF COURSE.. Mackinac made their top list. 

As did quite a few of my pics… including the main picture of the article. 

smPicture 7.jpg

smPicture 6.jpg

Here’s the best resource for anything island related  (even I use it on a weekly basis)  EVERYONE should experience the island at least once in their life (okay so I may be a bit biased… but its true 😉

One more thing… After I chatted with a couple different editors from Bridal Guide in regards to this article… I met up with their wedding editor and art director in NYC for cocktails… I was SOOOO impressed.  I really love this magazine.  More than anything else… its the people.  Every person I met was so genuinely nice.   I can’t wait to work with them more in the future… in fact one of my favorite weddings is going to have a 4 page spread in their upcoming winter issue… so keep your eyes out for it.

Hope you alll are having a wonderful Saturday… I’m off to shoot Lizzy & Buddy at the Grand!


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