How to Make the Most of your Maternity Photoshoot

Congratulations! What an exciting time! Capturing this special stage of life is such a great idea. Whether you’re expecting your first…or your fifth…each pregancy is unique. Keep reading for my best practices to make the most of your maternity photoshoot.

  1. What to Wear: Be comfortable! Wear what suits your style and makes you feel beautiful. Whether that’s jeans and a t-shirt, a long flowing dress, or lingerie, you need to feel confident and relaxed. Just avoid busy patterns and anything that might detract from the main focus of the photos. Show off that baby bump!
  2. How to Dress your Family: You can be coordinated without being matchy-matchy if that’s not your style. Comfort and cohesiveness should be your two main considerations. Check out my blog post about family portraits for more ideas.
  3. How to Pose: Don’t worry! Let me do the work! I’ve got a whole array of poses to help you show off your belly in a beautiful and natural way. Your job is to trust me and have fun!
  4. When to Schedule Your Session: 30-34 weeks is the sweet spot. It’s far enough along to celebrate your baby bump but not so far along that you will be uncomfortable (or surprised by an early arrival)!
  5. Get Inspiration: Find photos that help you identify your style and personality. Maternity photos are so personal and unique to each couple…take the time to figure out what you want and share that with your photographer (aka that’s me ;-).





The most important secret is simply… have fun and enjoy the moment!

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