Jennifer & Toby are married…

“Granola” meets Edwardian Glamour… well,… I would never call Jennifer Granola… but that’s what she called her and her BEAUTIFUL linen dress.. yes.. linen.. and it had the most ornate floral design on a silk overlay…  the only thing that makes this girl Granola is her enviornmentally conscious dress… and the biodegradable paper that was thrown as confetti…  Being that I live on the west coast.. .I KNOW Granola when I see it …  and this Dayton girl was far from it… I’d say she was maybe one part Granola… one part Artist … and one part pure model (she totally knew how to strike a pose… and so naturally)… but then again so did her beau Toby (who ALSO was an artist)… in fact from the minute I met them I thought… wow these two are quite a symbiotic couple!! 

I love it when I see couples step in for each other… share every responsibility …. and help each other every chance they get… this is what I saw from Jennifer and Toby… along with the FLIPPIN’ adorable glances they would shoot each other.

Jen & Toby… it was soooo much fun to be a part of your wedding and to spend time photographing you. I can’t wait to see how your lives unfold together!!


Now… I can’t finish this blog without mentioning. ..

the AMAZING job Carole Erbel of For the Love of Mackinac did coordinating this event!!  She is awesome… everytime I have the pleasure of working with her I am blown away by the creative little touches she comes up with.

To top it off… I was so stoked to be working with my “dreamteam” of wedding vendors on Mackinac…

Weber’s Floral.. did an awesome job with the flowers.. .especially the bouquet… (Jay, I must say one of my favorites yet.. .and it smelled soooo good)

Belle e Dolce… did the cake…  Soooo unique as always.. and Funfunfun… (Kim, as always you rock… I loved the oranges)

Dancehall DJ’s…   the best to get the party started…  (Brevin, once again.. you had that dancefloor shaking)



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