Real Wedding Wednesday: A Michigan Winter Wedding

Michigan Winter Wedding: Jessica + Jordan

This wasn’t supposed to be a Michigan winter wedding… Jessica and Jordan imagined being married on a beautiful summer day… but sometimes life has different plans!!   These two were in the middle of planning their Summertime wedding when a certain little stork decided to drop them a present!  The excitement of the wedding took second burner to the excitement of becoming parents!!  After they calmed down and stopped jumping up and down (ok so it was Jessica jumping and Jordan catching her… as he does 😉   They started planning their wedding for a “beautiful” SPRING day… well again .. mother nature had a different plan!

Not only was their wedding gorgeous and filled with a bunch of awesome DIY wedding tricks.. but they included a surprise for their guests.  Halfway through the reception they pulled out a cake that said “Princess/Prince”… here they decided to do a gender reveal right there at the wedding. J + J didn’t even know if they were having a boy or a girl!!  The lights dimmed… they grabbed the cake… and SLICE… they saw a Blue confetti cake…  and then instantly their were blue lights all around and the song… “Let’s Here it for the Boys”!!  HOW AWESOME!

Prosecco in gold.. along with the gold painted fruits and vegetables… awesome decor ideas!

Detroit Michigan Winter Wedding Wedding Party Andrejka

I just loved her use of lanterns instead of bouquets! It is such a great DIY solution.

Nothing can beat a grooms reaction to seeing his bride for the first time!

Here is a list of the incredible vendors that helped J+J pull off an amazing  Michigan Winter Wedding with a few twists and turns…

Venue and Florist:  Planterra Conservatory

DJ:   Mike Staff Productions

Additional Decor:  Chair Covers & Linens

And by the way… have you noticed how STUNNING Jessica looks being preggers!!

I can’t tell you how much I loved working with  Jessica and Jordan!  They have become such dear friends over the past year.  I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of this crazy journey of theirs. I just my job!

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