Why its important to hire a Mackinac Island Wedding Photographer!

A couple of years ago I was excited to be interviewed by PureMichigan about being a Mackinac Island Wedding Photographer.  There is something very special about this career choice.  Some specific skills are needed that wouldn’t be the case in other locations…  for example, can other photographers bike up a 2 mile hill while chasing a wedding carriage and balancing their camera…

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 5.29.11 PM

I once had a photog friend shoot with me on Mackinac .. this California born and bread girl was such a trooper. We had a 2 hour carriage ride, in a down pour rainstorm (add to that the weird Michigan weather that can be cold and hot at the same time with 130% humidity)…  you Michiganders know exactly what I mean 😉  Half way up the hill she stops… looks at me and says… “This is extreme wedding photography.” (sidenote: since that day she comes to the island every year)

Well  below is a link to this fun article. Have a look.  Its full of useful information for having a wedding on Mackinac Island.  Things to be aware of that you wouldn’t think of on the mainland.  Also, some important reasons why hiring local vendors is so important.  We not only know where those fantastic secret spots are, but we know how to work in a world filled with horses, carriages, and some funny little laws!

PURE MICHIGAN…    INSIDE THE MIND of a Mackinac Photographer 


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