Why a Northern Michigan Micro Wedding may be Right for You!

Elopements aren’t what they used to be… If you dream of your wedding being intimate yet elegant… then keep reading for tips and inspiration for how to get the most out of a micro wedding!

Many couples are choosing micro weddings… small, sophisticated celebrations with about 20 to 50 guests. Planning a micro wedding allows you to be flexible and creative… to think outside the wedding norm… to craft a carefree and personalized celebration for your and your closest friends and family!

Wedding Ceremony Arch  with Boho Decor in Northern Michigan

With a Micro Wedding Less is more…

More Venue Options: Think beyond a standard wedding venue and be creative!… With a smaller guest list, you can get married in a non-traditional venue… a lush garden… a modern art gallery… a gorgeous private home on the beach… Think of somewhere special to you… or just somewhere you’ve always dreamed of experiencing. Many venues even offer micro wedding packages… all of the perks of a large wedding just on a much smaller scale…  Or think destination wedding!  

More Time with Your Guests: Spending quality time with your nearest and dearest is a given with a micro wedding… not to mention that you can forget your worries of standing up in front of 200 people!…  You can book a room at an incredible restaurant or wine bar… and talk to everyone at dinner!… while enjoying over-the-top service and deluxe details… creating an immersive, high end experience for all. 

More Time for Fun:  From a fabulous rehearsal dinner for all…to a brunch at your favorite spot… consider a whole wedding weekend (vs. just a day) full of fun and activities that allows you and your guests to relax and have a great time with each other… Some couples even choose to cover travel or room expenses for a premier guest experience… One of my couples got married early in the afternoon, so they could hit the town with their guests that evening!  


How to Maximize your Micro Wedding Experience!

Splurge on the Details! This is your chance to have it all… the best, most fun celebration you can think of… with the most gorgeous, magazine – worthy details that you can imagine… Give your vendors a chance to show off their skills and creativity!… Think a hand-crafted stationery suite… a designer dress…abundant florals… These talented folks would love to make your dreams a reality. You can even incorporate personal, family elements such as heirloom china and linens or work with your wedding planner to design everything to the smallest detail… 

Hire a Wedding Planner! Yes, you read that right. Even with a small guest list, the details and logistics can occupy much of your attention… sometimes even more with a smaller wedding because you are expected to know and do everything… The expertise, creativity, and connections that your wedding planner brings are immeasurable… A wedding planner can take your wedding to the next level and ensure that you can focus on yourself and your guests without being stressed… (For more about what a wedding planner can do, click here.)

And a Photographer…of course!  I may be biased…ahem…but I get so excited thinking about how much MORE I can capture of your celebration as your micro wedding photographer… fewer guests means great candids… with everyone!… more time to spend with you and your beloved…(those are the pictures you’ll frame)… and even the chance to photograph the other special events of your wedding weekend…(because those are often the MOST fun)… You’ll have so much to share with your friends and family beyond your guest list… and another excuse to throw a great party!

The Final Scoop on Micro Weddings…

A micro wedding gives you MORE of everything… more time to enjoy with your family and friends… more style to incorporate… more details and experiences for you and your guests to savor and enjoy… You can splurge on what means the most to you and those you love… If you want a wedding that’s relaxed, fun, and full of wonderful memories with those you love… a micro wedding may be right for you!

Check out Erin + Ben’s Gorgeous Micro Wedding in Northern Michigan…

I knew when guests started arriving at Erin’s family cottage by every type of boat imaginable that this wedding was going to be something special. Their elegant micro wedding was full of so many beautiful, meaningful details and moments. With a small guest list, everyone had the chance to spend time with each other… and Erin + Ben could slip away for a post-ceremony celebratory boat ride in a classic wooden boat!


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