How to Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Woohoo!  Congrats!  You’re engaged… now the planning begins

Choosing a photographer can be incredibly overwhelming…  its hard to understand what we do, how we do it, and what you will end up with in the end. Plus it doesn’t help that every photographer does things differently. It’s like learning a new language. “digital what? resolution huh?”, “Negatives?.. jpgs?…prints?  Plus each one of us crazy photogs use different words for different things…

Here are a few tips to make sure choosing a photographer does not make you want to elope!


Digital Negatives & JPGS = SAME THING! EASY these are the images you receive via email, flash drive, download, etc.  You can then view and save them on your computer, post on social media, and in most cases take to the store to be printed (IF you have the printing rights: keep reading)

Printing Rights= some people will say “rights to the photos” some will say “copy rights”  but technically the photographer keeps the “rights” to the images. You get the “printing rights”. This means you can take the above mentioned jpgs to any place you would like to have the images printed into or onto anything you would like.  They are your images!!   Most often this is accompanied with a written document by the photographer.

Resolution= this is the quality of the image. A low resolution image can only be printed very small or posted online.  If you try and print it larger it will be of poor quality. You want to ask for High Resolution Images so that you can print them as big as you would like (within reason… billboards become a little tricky 😉

*another hint … make sure your images are watermark free and high resolution if you are wanting to make prints


1)  Like the Photos!

When you are looking at a photographer make sure you like their style. This is an obvious one!  Keep in mind what you see on a photographers site is their favorite work. You can’t expect to get something different than what they show.

2) Ask to view a couple full weddings!

As mentioned above a website shows the best of the best.  And most likely has a little extra editing done to them as well. You want to make sure you see what a complete wedding will look like.   You want to see everything a photographer shoots in a day, how many images, different angles, how they edit the mass of images, and  how they cover every aspect that is important to you.

3) Research aka Cyber Stalk!

Researching  the photographers you are interested in hiring on all levels will give you an inside look into their personalities, qualifications, and interests. The usual places are of course great (instagram, Facebook, twitter, etc). But also check out reviews on and TheKnot . Another fantastic place to get real info..ask around!  Ask venues and vendors the photographer has worked with and even reach out to former couples. (side note: reaching out to former clients can be incredibly helpful in getting all sorts of tips they’ve already gone through what you are about to!!)


You want to make sure that both your personalities mesh.  This person is going to spend more time with you on your special day than anyone else. If you don’t get along and feel comfortable with them, than not only will it effect your photos but it will effect your entire day. Think of your photographer as your new best friend who is there to make sure you are stress free and happy all day long! I like to say we are your “stress- slayers”!

5) COMMUNICATION***  (Almost as important as #4)

Make sure you and your soon to be photographer communicate about what is included in your package, timelines, photography process and anything else that is on your mind (photography or not)! Make sure you completely understand what you are getting and what you will have when all is finished.  Also,  share images you like, Pinterest boards, Instagram feeds, etc.  No photographer can promise a certain image but this will give them a clear view of what you love and don’t love.

Hope these little tid bits help!

Now go out there and have some fun planning your wedding!!



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