What to Wear for Your Family Photos

be prepared and be comfortable!

One of the main questions I get asked is…What should we wear for our family photos?  The answer is simpler than you may think…Be Prepared and Be Comfortable!  Read on for how these pieces of advice can make a memorable…in all the right ways…family photo session for you and yours.

Ideas for What to Wear: While I won’t tell you exactly what to wear…after all, every family has its own tastes and personalities…here are some guidelines for creating a cohesive look in your photos. 

  • Go monochromatic with one color such as gray. That way the focus is on your faces, not your outfits. 
  • Too matchy for your style?  Try matching tones…ex: pastels or jewel tones so that all the outfits are in the same family…(pun intended)!  Or choose 2-3 coordinating colors such as blue, white, and green or red, white, and blue.  Anything with jeans works well, too. 
  • Still too coordinated?  Choose a style – ex: dressy or casual. 

Let’s be honest…part of the fun of family photos is enjoying how the outfits look 20 years from now.  🙂

Keep the Weather in Mind!  It’s hard to fake fun if you’re freezing!  Have your coordinating sweaters or jackets ready to go.  Likewise, be prepared to ditch the layers if it’s too hot.  It’s easier to smile when you’re not sweating!

Start Early…save yourself some stress by getting your outfits organized well in advance.  This ensures that you can make sure that everything fits and that you have back-ups on hand.  Check to be sure that everyone’s shoes fit, too! 

Be Prepared with Extra Outfits...especially for small kids!  Buy extras or have some back-ups ready to go.  For more tips on how to have a great photo shoot with young kids, click here.

Consider Black & White: I love B&W images because you can really focus on the emotion in them. Consider how your solid colors or pattern choices might really be dramatic in B&W!

Accessorize Wisely…Sometimes that pop of color you need to tie everything together can be accomplished with your accessories.  Keep your shoes in mind, too!  Be sure you choose shoes that work with your outfits, your location, and your weather.  (Do you really want to wear high heels on a beach?  Do you want strappy sandals when it’s freezing outside?)

Above All Be You…A smile is truly the best thing that you can wear! My job is to make your session relaxed and fun. Relax and enjoy the experience. You’ll be glad you did!

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