What is a Lifestyle Brand Photo Session…and Why Do You Need It?

You’re passionate about your business… which means you’re passionate about your brand.  You might not even know you have a brand… but I promise it shows through in everything you do… even if you’re not sure what it is. A lifestyle brand photo session helps define you and your business together… building a stronger brand!

I love helping you discover and show off your brand! You can tell your story best through intentional photography.  And it is FUN! Whether you are launching your business or looking to refresh your image and portfolio, lifestyle branding is an investment that will yield rich dividends long after your photo session has ended… And all you have to do is be yourself!!

What is Lifestyle Branding?

Lifestyle branding is more than just your grandfather’s head shot.  It’s a collection of images that go together and show off who you are and what you do… when you’re working.. but also when you’re not! In this day and age small businesses are more than a 9-5… the face (aka you) of the company is just as important as its product… people want to know who they are buying from.

So, showing off your favorite coffee mug while you sit on your porch with your laptop… is just as much of a sales image as the actual product you’re selling. These fun and unique images give you a rich resource from which you can populate your social media platforms, marketing materials, and client communications (and maybe even frame a few along the way)!

3 Types of Lifestyle Branding Photos…

  • HEAD SHOTS: I’m not talking about the standard photo in front of a plain background…your head shot will reflect YOU…your personality, your business, your brand! Our photo shoot location…whether it’s at your business or elsewhere…will showcase you…literally in your best light! 
  • LIFESTYLE PHOTOS: Your clients want to connect with you…so it’s fun to show a little bit of you beyond your business…bringing along something that you love…or your dog (presumably also something that you love) or just a fun prop…will help you relax, show a little bit of yourself, and go a long way toward establishing a connection with your clients.
  • CONTENT PHOTOS: Think Pin-able, Instagram-worthy shots of your gorgeous work.  These photos are both inspirational and aspirational! These are the photos that you can re-use in different ways again and again across a variety of platforms. They sell your product without being sales-pitchy…your clients are going to Pin them and save them just because they like them…and you…and your brand.


Whether you are just starting out or already have an established business…you need fresh content! Your lifestyle branding photo shoot will provide you with a tremendous variety of images for your social media platforms, blogs, and marketing materials.  Plus, you can crop each image differently to emphasize certain details. For example, out of one images, you might crop it to serve as an Instagram square, a Pinterest 2×3, or a Facebook header.  In other words…one image…multiple uses…plenty of authentic exposure for your brand.

I am here to help you build your brand! Clarify your vision, reach new clients, and expand your online presence. Your cohesive collection of lifestyle branding photos will communicate the heart of your business, the beauty of your product, and the benefits to your clients. I look forward to helping your business grow!


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